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Spouse/Defacto Visa

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 What is Spouse/Defacto Visa ?

Those who are married, civil partner of or in a relationship akin to marriage with an Australian citizen / passport holder or eligible New Zealand citizen may apply to join them in Australia or remain with them in Australia if they can sufficiently evidence the legitimate nature of the relationship.


A successful applicant would be granted a visa for an initial two year period at which point the applicant would be required to show that the relationship continues to exist at which point they may apply for Australian permanent residency.

The Australian “defacto” / unmarried partner rules are based on one year co-habitation. This may sound less strict than some countries who require 2 or more years however be warned the Australian government require exhaustive evidence to prove unmarried partner relationships and also require relationship proof of spousal situations.

As with all Australian visa applications, health and character requirements must be fulfilled to achieve a successful outcome.

At Voyage we feel the only way to assess peoples circumstance is a discussion with a consultant willing to investigate aspects of an individuals claims under this system or other Australian visa types.

As such we suggest that potential clients complete our 
Free Australian Visa Assessment and one of our MARA Agents will be in touch with your options moving forward.

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