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Tier 4 Student Visa

Adult Students
 What is Tier 4 Student Visa ?

Tier 4 of the points based system in the UK applies to students wishing to study in the UK. Like all UK Tiers (with the exception of Tier 1) applicants will need a sponsor in the UK. In the case of Tier 4 this will be the educational provider who will need to be registered with the BIA in order to issue certificates of sponsorship to potential Tier 4 (student) visa applicants.

As a tier 4 student visa holder you will be granted leave to enter the UK for the purposes of completing your course at a specified institution.

Although in general terms time on a Tier 4 visa does not contribute to UK residency is does potentially provide a path way for graduating students to "switch" into the Tier 1 Post Study program and ultimately other Tiers of the point based system which will provide the opportunity to remain in the UK and work / ultimately seek UK residency.

Tier 4 student visas are generally granted for the period of your course and during this time you can work only 20 hours per week during term time, yet greater outside of term time.

If you are married then your married partner and children may join you in the UK under this visa type however maintenance funds and the relationship must be clearly evidenced in their entry clearance applications.

Tier 4 visa applications are again based on a points based system in this case 40 points are required:

A Visa letter from the education provider will gain you 30 points

The Maintenance fees to cover course fees and living expenses will gain you 10 points

For information with regard to the specifics of information required in visa letters, the level of maintenance funds and supporting evidence required please contact your local Voyage consultant.

For a FREE initial Visa assessment please complete the Free UK Visa Assessment and one of our consultants will respond within 48 hours of your submission

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