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Skilled Independent Visa

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 What is Skilled Independent Visa ?

Australian immigration in the skilled categories is based on an objective but rather complex Points Based System (PBS). Points are awarded in categories such as, age, education, experience, occupation, specific skills, English language ability etc.

The elongated process for skilled migration is extensive and complex however designed to encourage those to apply who will immediately have an impact on the Australian economy by gaining employment and applying their impressive attributes.

To gain this visa, applicants must be committed to the process both in terms of financial investment, time and have a will to gain an exhaustive list of evidence to support their applications.


The result possibly justifies the means however as the visa is a permanent residence visa. Successful applicants will gain an initial visa for 5 years however after 4 years if certain criterion are met applicants and their dependants may apply for Australian Citizenship.

The current bench mark for qualification is 120 points and there are numerous calculators in public domain that claim they can assess your points under this visa.

There are however many variables where further points may be claimed, these include; family in Australia, your partner meeting the primary eligibility requirements, state sponsorship, critical shortage skills / a job offer, study completed in Australia etc.

Prior to pursuing this visa there are a few primary requirements that need consideration.

Initially the visa class is “ageist” as those over 45 years of age need not apply, in addition you must have worked for 12 of the 24 months leading up to lodgement in an occupation listed in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and finally, health and character requirements are also mandatory.

At Voyage we feel the only way to assess peoples circumstance is a discussion with a consultant willing to investigate aspects of an individuals claims under this system or other Australian visa types.

As such we suggest that potential clients complete our
 Free Australian Visa Assessment and send their CV to

If you qualify for and wish to pursue the visa Voyage is in a unique position where in most cases we can handle your application at your country of origin and in ALL cases can handle your application in the country of destination, importantly AUSTRALIA.

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