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Tier 1 - Entrepreneur

Business Man
 What is Tier 1 - Entrepreneur ?

The Tier 1 - Entrepreneur category is for those investing in the United Kingdom by setting up or taking over, and being actively involved in the running of one or more businesses in the United Kingdom.

Applicants will need to demonstrate access to £200,000 or more.

As with all Tier 1 visa types the applicant does not require a specific sponsor for the UK however is subject to a points based system to assess their application.


A successful applicant will score 75 points or more and need to satisfy the English language and maintenance requirements. (However with £200,000 to invest maintenance funds of £3,200 for the primary applicant and £1900 for dependants may not pose too many issues for would be applicants).

Points may be accumulated as follows:

■Access to £200,000 will receive - 25 points

■Funds with a regulated bank / financial institution – 25 points

■If the money is proven as “disposable funds” in the UK – 25 points

It should be noted that this visa type does not allow the applicant to simply enter the UK to work with a UK based employer. Applicants will be agreeing to undertake the set up, investment in or takeover of a UK business and use the funds proven as the method.

A successful applicant would be granted a three year visa at which point the visa can be extended for a further two years if the applicant can evidence that they have complied with the visa requirements by: investing the monies in an established or new UK entity, remain engaged / employed by the entity in which they invested and demonstrate the job opportunities created by the investment in the UK.

After five years in this category the applicant may apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain and if successful have unrestricted residency in the UK and if appropriate a UK passport thereafter as a British Citizen.

For a FREE initial Tier 1 visa assessment please complete the Free UK Visa Assessment and one of our consultants will respond within 48 hours of your submission

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