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 Voyage Relocations International 


Voyage Relocations International (VRI) was established to provide full UK immigration packages to corporate and individual clients at competitive rates. VRI's founding partner identified the lack of personal service or ability to cater for the specific needs of clients within this industry. In addition, immigration services in the current market continue to be over priced and poorly delivered.

VRI provides a cost effective, service focused, tailored schedule of packages to cater for visa, immigration, financial and "soft landing" services for those relocating to or seeking to stay longer in the UK.

With experienced consultants and a wealth of experience in the case working team VRI are well equipped to handle all UK visa applications both for corporate and individual clients.

VRI provides free initial assessments and consultations for all candidates and clients.

For a 
FREE assessment of your options moving forward, select the appropriate country of destination, and one of our migration consultants will come back to you within 48 hours.

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